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Academy of Danse Libre presents The Dancing Dead: Zombies! Vegetarians! Vintage Dance!, Friday & Saturday at 8pm, 6-7 June 2014, Cubberley Theatre, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA. $20. Tickets on sale in early May.

Movement Education Week, 16-21 February 2014, Costa Mesa, CA. Two dance pedagogy workshops: 16-18 February 2014 focuses on movement education for teachers of grades 1-2 taught by Valerie Baadh and Edmund Knighton; 19-21 February 2014 focuses on Swing, Waltz, and other partner dances for grades 6-12 and adults, taught by Jeff Kellem and Valerie Baadh with special guest Lise Baadh, founder of Seattle's Dance-It program.

Places to Dance or Take Lessons

Regular Dance Events

All of these events are great events. Most dances include classes beforehand. Some of my personal favorites are  highlighted .

Day Style Times Cost Estimate Event Location
Last Sundays Lindy Hop noon-2:30pm dance, 1-1:30pm mini-lesson — Summers FREE Lindy in the Square in Redwood City, 2200 Broadway St, Redwood City, CA.
Sundays Lindy Hop 11am-2pm dance, 12:30pm-1pm class FREE Lindy in the Park, Golden Gate Park, SF, CA.
3rd Sundays Vintage Dance 4pm-6:30pm; sometimes workshops at 3pm $15 ($10 for students) Varsity Dance Club (Facebook group) with music from 1900-1935 by the Paul Price Society Orchestra, Palo Alto Masonic ballroom, 461 Florence (off University).
Mondays Blues/Fusion 8-9pm beginner/intermediate classes, 9pm-midnight dance $15 for class/dance, $8 for only the dance ($12/$5 for students). Shades of Blues (Facebook page), Polish Club, 3040 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA.
Tuesdays Varies (see website for details) Five 1-hour class series (7pm, 8pm, 9pm), no dance ~$40 for each 1-hour 5-week series (~$25 for students) Couple Dancing with Richard Powers at First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto, CA.
Tuesdays Varies 6-8pm — Summers - Jun through Sep FREE (demos, lesson, dancing) Dancing on the Square on Courthouse Square, Redwood City, CA.
Tuesdays Hustle 8-9pm class, 9pm-midnight dance $10 for class/dance or dance Hustle Dance Club at CPAA Arts Center, San Jose, CA.
Tuesdays Lindy Hop 7-9:30pm class, 9:40pm-midnight dance $20 for drop-in class, $10 for dance Tuesday Night Jump! at Verdi Club, San Francisco, CA. Live music by Stompy Jones
Wednesdays Lindy Hop 7-9pm class, 9pm-midnight dance $14 for drop-in class, $7 for danceWednesday Night Hop! at Cheryl Burke Dance (formerly Starlite Dance Club), Mountain View, CA.
Wednesdays Blues 7-8pm class, 8pm-11pm dance $6-16 Beat the Blues! at La Peña in Berkeley, CA.
Wednesdays Swing 7-9pm class, 9pm-midnight dance $15 for class and dance, $8 for dance (+$5 on band nights) Cat's Corner at Savanna Jazz Club, 2937 Mission Street @ 25th, SF, CA.
Wednesdays Swing 6-8pm classes, 8-10:45pm dance $15 for 1 class; $18 for 2 classes (includes dance); $8 for dance only The Dancers' Den at Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704.
Thursdays Blues/Fusion 7-8pm social hour & blues tips for Westies, 8-9pm beginning blues class, 9pm-midnight dance $12 for lesson and dance (arrive before 7:30pm: $8), $10 for dance only South Bay Fusion at dance studio above Napa Auto Parts store, 560 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94062.
Thursdays Swing 7:20-9:20pm classes, 9:20pm-midnight dance $14 drop in for class (includes dance), $8 for just the dance 9:20 Special at Russian Center, 2460 Sutter St, SF, CA 94115.
Thursdays West Coast Swing 7:45-9:45pm class only, No Dance $36 for the 4-week series Michelle's Swing Dance WCS classes at New Century Dance Studio in Mountain View, CA
Thursdays Swing 7:30-9pm classes, 9pm-12:30am dance with live music and DJ $5; Note: Must be age 21+. Swingin' at the Rack, The Saddle Rack, 42011 Boscell Road, Fremont, CA. 21+. Run by the San Francisco Jitterbugs.
Fridays Social Ballroom 7-9pm (class), 9pm-midnight dance $12 for class/dance, $8 for just dance Friday Night Waltz (FNW), First United Methodist Church, Palo Alto, CA. Friendly, casual dress.
1st/3rd Fridays, typically Swing, Shag, Balboa, Blues 8-8:30pm lindy lab, 8:30pm-midnight social dancing $8 (before 8:30pm: $5) For Dancers Only, Sunnyvale Community Center, 950 Michaelangelo Drive, Sunnyvale, CA
Fridays Blues 8-10pm classes, 10pm-2am dance $15 for class/dance, $10 for dance only ($11/$7 for students) Friday Night Blues at Studio Gracia, 19 Heron St, SF, CA. No partner needed; all ages.
2nd/4th Saturdays Blues/Fusion 7-9pm (class), 9pm until late (dance) Donation based: $12-20 for class/dance ($8-12 for students) FBomb Fusion Dance (Facebook page), Ariel Dance Productions, 2385 S. Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
Saturdays (once a month) Swing 7-9pm (class), 9pm-midnight dance $8-$18 estimate The Rhythm Lounge, The Burlingame Woman's Club, 241 Park Rd, Burlingame, CA 94011 (near the Burlingame Caltrain station).
Saturdays Lindy Hop 11:45am-2pm, 11:45am-12:15pm class FREE Lindy on Sproul, UC Berkeley's Upper Sproul.
2nd Saturdays Social Ballroom 7-9pm (class), 9pm-midnight dance $12 for class/dance, $8 for just dance East Bay Waltz, Oakland Veterans Hall, 200 Grand Avenue (cross street is Harrison), Oakland CA. Friendly, casual dress.
2nd Saturdays (usually) Lindy Hop 6-9pm-ish (class/lecture), 9pm-midnight (dance) $7-25 estimate Epic Swing, On hiatus?
3rd Saturdays Lindy Hop 8-9pm drop-in class, 9pm-midnight dance $12 for class and dance The Bootleggers Ball, On hiatus?

Upcoming Dance Events

The Dancing Dead: Zombies! Vegetarians! Vintage Dance!, Friday and Saturday at 8pm, 6-7 June 2014, a new theatrical historical dance show by Academy of Danse Libre, Cubberley Theatre, Palo Alto, CA.

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Academy of Danse Libre big theatrical show, 6-7 June 2014, Cubberley Theatre, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA.

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Some Recurring Events

Regular Lessons

Most of the dances around the area also seem to include inexpensive lessons before their dances. Attend the group class and stay for the dancing.

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